The Tasker Team

DTech Apps leadership reflects diverse expertise and experience including technology, software, sales, business development, client success, and marketing. The Tasker Team is focused on providing the highest quality software products built on NOW, modernizing client operations, and improving outcomes. 

David Truitt

President, Discover Technologies

Dave is an experienced entrepreneur who has founded and exited multiple successful IT companies. In his capacity as Discover Technologies President and CEO, Dave is responsible for defining and executing corporate vision as well as providing strategic direction over company operations. Discover Technologies’ mission is to improve the lives of the global workforce with Process-Based, transformative products, and services.

Tim Wharton

Executive VP, Discover Technologies

In his capacity as Discover Technologies Executive Vice President and COO, Tim is responsible for the operational aspects of the company. Primary areas of oversight and strategic vision include finance, human resources, proposal team oversight, and compliance with federal guidelines relating to GSA Schedule holders. Additionally, Tim is a major contributor to revenue generation with over three decades of experience in consulting and business development.  

John Martin

VP, DTech Apps

John Martin leads DTech Apps, overseeing the company’s ongoing expansion of Certified ServiceNow enterprise applications of The Tasker Suite.  Before joining Discover Technologies in 2013, he served as the North American Federal Director at K2 Software. There, he was responsible for the business development and sales efforts within U.S. Federal Agencies focused on digital transformation and automation.

Rob Joy

Director, Products, DTech Apps

Rob Joy brings 30 years’ experience in electronic workflow and process management to the company. Rob is our Director of BPS Solutions where he leads the DTech Apps development efforts and helps organizations modernize through process reengineering. Under Rob’s guidance, our DTech Apps team developed 3 viable applications, which are now being sold through the ServiceNow app store. Rob and his team also support the BPS sales and implementation efforts.  

Brian Vernon

VP, Federal Civilian Sales, DTech Apps

Brian Vernon has extensive experience in software and technology sales and business development. As Vice President of Federal Civilian Sales, he is responsible for sales to the federal government of The Tasker Suite – Tasker, DocIntegrator, and DocGenerator built on the ServiceNow platform.

Mark Miller

ServiceNow Solutions Manager

Mark Miller is focused on client delivery, implementation, and success working with organizations to configure their DTech Apps products for the best outcomes. He joined DTech Apps from partner ServiceNow and provides deep expertise to deliver client success.