• Certified apps for the NOW Platform (cloud/on-premise)

  • Streamline task activities in a single system of record

  • Connect to SharePoint and report real-time data

Tasker Screen

Tasker Tasker

Quickly assign tasks across all levels and roles of your organization.

DocIntegrator screen

Tasker DocIntegrator

Connect your ServiceNow apps to SharePoint — including Tasker.

DocGenerator screen

Tasker DocGenerator

Generate Word Documents, PDFs and more, automatically, from within ServiceNow apps.

“I used to spend 3-4 hours a day on a spreadsheet tracker, in SharePoint, the Shared Drive, and outlook. Tasker shaves hours off my day. With a single system of record, I don’t have to double up my efforts.”

“Some offices never check their emails, or we never know where their taskers are sitting. With Tasker I can see when my taskers are accepted and rejected without looking in my inbox.”

"While the tasker app is nothing short of amazing, the team at Discover exemplifies three intangibles that clearly put them in the leader seat when it comes to application development on top of the ServiceNow Platform — a tenacious attention to detail, an overwhelming desire for perfection and an unprecedented pursuit to be a strategic partner for all those they work with."
Derek Neal
Enterprise Account Executive, U.S. Intelligence Community
& Military Intelligence

8 out of 10

Most companies still use unstructured manual tools such as email, spreadsheets and even personal visits to drive routine work processes. It doesn't have to be this way.

Tasker: plug and play with the modernized end-to-end task management solution

Tasker for ServiceNow enables organizations of all types to manage tasks across departments — with increased accountability, custom visibility, and innovative tracking and routing capabilities.


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