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Simple, secure, and configurable task management for Federal and Commercial clients

“What used to take hours now takes 15 minutes. This cuts document package approval time in half with one system of record.”


Ditch email for real-time reporting and communication

All Tasker activities are tracked and reported in real-time with automated notifications, reducing drops and delays.


Total visibility, accountability, and participation

Tasker enables efficient task assignment, delegation, routing, and management across departments.

Assign tasks

One-click task assignment and standardized processes

Tasker runs tasks and processes across departments or silos, and drives productivity across the enterprise.

Tasker Computer

Improving the lives of the modern global workforce

No two tasks are exactly the same. Tasker is a robust and flexible app, engineered to handle scheduled, unscheduled, ad-hoc, top-down, bottom-up, and lateral taskings.

Tasker Interface

Drive productivity, reduce costs

Tasker makes it easy to get started with reusable process templates and scheduled processes. Open the template that best applies, provide a few details and launch your first task in minutes.

Tasker interface

Manage everything in one place

Plug and play. Create and assign tasks, add documents, configure rules and requirements, manage users, communicate, and track process status within the ServiceNow platform.

Make better decisions today and plan ahead for tomorrow

  • Securely and efficiently route tasks across all levels of your agency or organization.
  • Save time with process templates and improve accountability with increased visibility.
  • Reduce email and inefficient spreadsheet tasking.
  • Increase control and improve decision-making with end-to-end status reporting in real-time.
  • Bring order and consistency to your processes without losing control over impromptu tasking.
  • Eliminate problems associated with legacy, manual, and unstructured processes.
  • Plug and play– minimal code required.

Federal use cases

Monthly/Weekly Activity Reporting

Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Requests

Congressional/White House Testimony and Inquiry

Records Declassification

Controlled Correspondence Tracking

Application Decommission and Archival

Major Defense Acquisition Programs (MDAP)


Commercial use cases

Quarterly Profit and Loss Reporting

Acquisition and Merger Management

Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Event Planning and Execution

Product Development

Monthly/Weekly Activity Reporting

Annual Employee Performance Review

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