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DocIntegrator for ServiceNow®

Browser-based editing, document versioning, and multi-user editing in the platform

DocIntegrator diagram

Stay in SharePoint without leaving the ServiceNow platform

Content Icon

Association of managed content

DocIntegrator enables ServiceNow cases, incidents and tasks to reference managed content in SharePoint.

Edit icon

Document viewing and editing

View and edit SharePoint documents and metadata without leaving the context of your ServiceNow solution.

Refresh Icon

Content versioning and editing

Track version history, restore or view a previous version of a SharePoint document within ServiceNow.

Connect ServiceNow and SharePoint and manage everything in one place

No need to switch back and forth between applications. Add documents directly to SharePoint from any ServiceNow table. Retrieve and edit documents inside ServiceNow. Save time and keep a single source of truth.

Federal use cases

Monthly/Weekly Activity Reports

MDAP Congressional Documentation

Freedom of Information Requests (FOIA)

Case/Incident Document Review

Records Declassification Review

Procurement and Contract Review

Application Decommission and Archival

Commercial use cases

Case/Incident Review

Monthly/Weekly Status Reporting

Quarterly Profit and Loss Reporting

Acquisition and Merger Review

Policies and Procedures Changes

Event Planning Lists and Documentation

Product Documentation

Want to connect SharePoint to your platform?

Manage the paper trail in one place.