Enterprise Content Management for ServiceNow

Connect ServiceNow to Microsoft® SharePoint for a seamless enterprise content management experience in any ServiceNow application.

Seamless Content Management

Connect ServiceNow to Microsoft® SharePoint with DocIntegrator to seamlessly integrate disparate sources of content including:

Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions – Microsoft SharePoint
Communication and collaboration tools – Microsoft Teams and email
Traditional file repositories – server storage folders, knowledge bases, and more

Create, collaborate, review, search, and sign documents inside any ServiceNow application (Tasker, HRSD, PPM, SPM, CSM, ITAM, ITSM, GRC, etc.) — without ever opening SharePoint in a new browser window or tab.

One Place Where All Search Lives on ServiceNow

DocIntegrator easily connects a myriad of cloud and on-premise sources and solutions to ServiceNow search, eliminating the need for expensive search appliances, disparate patchwork of custom built solutions, and product licenses outside of ServiceNow.

DocIntegrator search capabilities bring secure enterprise federated search to ServiceNow. Results can be filtered and refined to find the right content within the right source, making search relevant and actionable.

Discover Increased Productivity 

Make working with SharePoint documents seamless without ever leaving ServiceNow. Collaborate on documents together in real-time inside ServiceNow, custom ServiceNow solutions, or Tasker.

Robust, single-query search finds documents stored in ServiceNow, SharePoint, and other configured locations quickly and securely
See all documents related to ServiceNow applications and tasks
Create, edit, review, and approve documents, even those in different SharePoint environments or site collections without duplicating, downloading, and uploading files.
Complete actions with digital signature

Comparison: DocIntegrator vs ServiceNow SharePoint Spoke

ServiceNow customers are saving precious development time and money with DocIntegrator instead of building out limited functionality with ServiceNow’s SharePoint Spoke API set. The table below highlights some of the key feature differences between the two options organizations have when connecting Microsoft SharePoint with ServiceNow. The DTech Apps development team is adding new features on a regular basis, which are unlocked with each product update.

SharePoint Spoke API setDocIntegrator
Compatible with SharePoint 365 (Online)
Compatible with SharePoint 2019 (On-Premise)
Compatible with SharePoint 2016 (On-Premise)
Compatible with SharePoint 2013 (On-Premise)
Attach SharePoint file to a Record
(requires developer/SP 365 only)
Configure to Check-Out (edit) file
(req. dev./SP 365 only)
Configure to Collaborate (edit) file
Configure to Check-In (done editing) file
(req. dev./SP 365 only)
Copy file to folder or library
Copy file
Create file from ServiceNow record data onto file template
Delete file
Look-Up file details
Move file to another location in SharePoint
(SP 365 only)
Edit file Metadata
(SP 365 only)
Bulk Edit Metadata for multiple files
Turnkey packaged product requiring no coding

Highest Levels of Security

Through our partnership with ServiceNow, all versions of DocIntegrator have inherited FedRAMP Moderate and High and US Department of Defense (DoD) Impact Level 5 (IL5) Provisional Authorization through the ServiceNow National Security Cloud (NSC) making Tasker the most secure work management tool available today.

DTech Apps + ServiceNow

Built on the ServiceNow platform, DocIntegrator helps organizations leverage and unlock their ServiceNow and SharePoint investments across the enterprise, keeping total cost ownership low and organizational productivity high.

ServiceNow Use Cases


HR Service Delivery (HRSD)

DocIntegrator seamlessly connects ServiceNow to all your existing confidential employee data and content (PII and PHI) stored in Microsoft SharePoint. DocIntegrator leverages your organization’s existing SharePoint permissions to preserve document security and protect confidential employee information.

Project Managers

Project Portfolio Management (SPM/PPM)

Project managers consistently collaborate with teams who are not connected to ServiceNow. With DocIntegrator, key files, plans, and resources can be accessed, searched, and managed by non-PPM users in SharePoint to seamlessly complete any PPM project.


Customer Service Management (CSM)

Interaction with customers requires agents to have the latest product files, updates from legal, and more. DocIntegrator connects content management solutions, ensuring CSM agents can access and search for information that is accurate and relevant, and non-agents can make revisions without needing to connect to the CSM platform.

IT Specialists

IT Service Management (ITSM)

DocIntegrator increases productivity by allowing access to content for incidents and change tickets stored outside of ServiceNow. Easily search designated indexed locations for critical information within ServiceNow search to improve response times and customer satisfaction.


Governance, Risk, and Compliance (IRM/GRC)

With DocIntegrator, GRC users can access and control compliance documents, risk policies, or evaluation documents with collaborators outside of ServiceNow who are managing content in storage folders and SharePoint.

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