Discover seamless document management

Managing documents between multiple applications is time-consuming and frustrating. Productivity declines. Collaboration is cumbersome and errors increase. Seamlessly integrate SharePoint with any ServiceNow application using DocIntegrator, a Built on Now application. Create, collaborate, review and sign documents inside ServiceNow or Tasker — without ever going into SharePoint.

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Modernize Document Management

Maximize Your ServiceNow investment Easy SharePoint document integration with ServiceNow enterprise applications.
Discover increased productivity Work seamlessly with SharePoint documents in ServiceNow applications, dashboards, workspaces and more. No more down/upload.
Enhance collaboration Work together on documents in real-time inside ServiceNow or Tasker. Get everyone on the same screen.
Save time and money to implement Built on Now platform so it’s affordable and quick to implement. No coding required.
Affordable enterprise content management Used with Tasker, everyone manages documents inside tasks, seamlessly and economically.

The Ultimate ServiceNow + SharePoint App

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Preserve SharePoint security and permissions
Maintains SharePoint’s robust security, permissions and version control. Even for new documents created in ServiceNow or Tasker.

Associate managed content
Enable ServiceNow cases, incidents, and tasks to reference managed content in SharePoint. 

Connect documents to any ServiceNow application
Connect SharePoint documents to a ServiceNow form, workspace, or app. Create new documents and save to SharePoint without leaving ServiceNow or Tasker.

Real-time document viewing and editing
View and edit SharePoint documents, including metadata without leaving ServiceNow.

Robust search capability
Search, view, and find documents quickly in ServiceNow using what you know, not constrained by SharePoint folder structures. 

Automates document management
Upload, download, move documents automatically as part of a ServiceNow workflow or process.

Integrates with Tasker
Quickly see and work on all documents related to a task. Without going to SharePoint.

Learn about the document management benefits DocIntegrator offers.

Discover the document management capabilities of DocIntegrator.

Federal Use Cases

  • Monthly/Weekly Activity Reports
  • MDAP Congressional Documentation
  • Freedom of Information Requests (FOIA)
  • Case/Incident Document Review
  • Records Declassification Review
  • Procurement and Contract Review
  • Application Decommission and Archival

Commercial Use Cases

  • Case/Incident Review
  • Monthly/Weekly Status Reporting
  • Quarterly Profit and Loss Reporting
  • Acquisition and Merger Review
  • Policies and Procedures Changes
  • Event Planning Lists and Documentation
  • Product Documentation

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