Tasks managed the modern way

Lacking transparency, missing deadlines and managing tasks using cumbersome solutions like email and spreadsheets is outdated, impairs productivity, delays outcomes and lacks security. Manage tasks the modern way with Tasker, the only enterprise task management software Built on Now. Easy to use and secure, Tasker provides real-time insights — accomplish more and make better decisions faster.

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Modernize with Tasker

Make better decisions faster Gain real-time visibility. See tasks like you’ve never seen them before.
Maximize your ServiceNow investment Extend ServiceNow capabilities across the enterprise.
Discover increased productivity Work transparently and efficiently. Manage tasks instead of tasks managing you.
Enable and enhance collaboration Chat, email, docs, status inside tasks being worked. Get everyone on the same screen.
Capture organizational knowledge and best practices Documenting previous tasks inside Tasker enables your organization to reuse, relate and learn best practices for any action or activity.

The Ultimate Multi-Tasker

On-demand easily digestible reporting
Configure portal views and dashboards, organize work visually in real-time, automate reports — across your organization or the enterprise.

Handles tasks efficiently
Easily create, assign, delegate, route and manage tasks for any ServiceNow workflow. Document, track, and report on tasks. 

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Easily manage correspondence
Automated correspondence management and tracking such as Action or Response Memos. Secure storage in the system of record. 

Mobile access
Users see all of their tasks in one place and view reports on their mobile device.

Create and reuse task templates across your organization to streamline repeatable tasks. No need for developer support. 

Any organizational structure and technology environment
Highly configurable organizational structure. Department, agency or enterprise. Deploy via on-premise, hybrid, or cloud.

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Federal Use Cases

  • Monthly/Weekly Activity Reporting
  • Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Requests
  • Congressional/White House Testimony and Inquiry
  • Records Declassification
  • Controlled Correspondence Tracking
  • Application Decommission and Archival
  • Major Defense Acquisition Programs (MDAP)

Commercial Use Cases

  • Quarterly Profit and Loss Reporting
  • Acquisition and Merger Management
  • Logistics and Supply Chain Management
  • Event Planning and Execution
  • Product Development
  • Monthly/Weekly Activity Reporting
  • Annual Employee Performance Review

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