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It’s Time to Stop Wasting Time

It’s time to stop wasting time… 

One of the more challenging aspects of our day-to-day work lives is figuring out what to do and when to do it. 

Workweeks are a blur of meetings, email, and IM and phone conversations. Mixed in is the time we spend completing tasks and planning out and managing upcoming work. Often the difference between a productive day and chaos is the critical task that comes out of the blue and must be finished immediately

To keep track of all of this we use calendars, spreadsheets, our memory, and some of us even jot down to-do lists on the kids’ homework assignments (um…). 

Managing our workloads in this way eats up valuable time that could otherwise be spent working. 

The best way to stop wasting time is to have a plan for driving efficiency, reducing stress, and managing tasks instead of tasks managing us. 

But is having a plan the silver bullet? Often the process of planning is more important than the actual plan. Or as Dwight D. Eisenhower famously said, “Plans are worthless, but planning is everything”. 

Combining a process for prioritizing tasks (such as the Eisenhower Matrix) with a modern enterprise tasking solution helps organizations (and individuals) plan efficient and transparent workloads that keep everyone on the same screen. 

In other words, leveraging an enterprise tasking solution drives process improvement through: 

  • Having a single source for assigning, managing, and updating tasks 
  • Efficient planning throughout the organization, based on real-time visibility to workloads 
  • Making better decisions faster 
  • Ensuring tasks are completed on time and by the right people 
  • Increased productivity by reducing digging through email to uncover what’s due and when 
  • Updating tasks and viewing reporting on the go from mobile devices 
  • Leveraging a desktop app for in-depth planning and reporting at all levels of the organization 
  • Enhanced security with apps built on the Now platform

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