12 Ways to Streamline Your Work Performance

Adding Accountability

With performance metrics in place, your team will know what they should be focused on accomplishing. With the addition of a task management system, everyone is on the same screen and can see the progress of a project in front of them, rather than over emails and spreadsheets, which can be easily lost or misplaced. However, just knowing what needs to be done  isn’t  always enough. Accountability can play a huge role in helping your team meet its goals.   

When your team members know that they are being tracked and recorded, they are much more likely to take their goals seriously. This is key to the success of any project since each team member must play their part for the deadlines to be met. Progress reports for each team member provide this clarity, but individual progress meetings take up time in the workday that can be better spent elsewhere .    

Instead of simply giving them progress reports every so often, adding an element of self-sufficiency can work wonders and keep people motivated on their own. Using task management software that  provides  transparency and on-demand status reporting is  a great way  to add accountability throughout your team.   

If everyone can access their status reports, they can check-in at their convenience to see how they are performing. They may notice they  aren’t  on track, leading them to change their methods or simply start working a bit harder. If they are on the right track, they get an instant boost of confidence and a sense of accomplishment. In addition, if the team understands that everyone’s status is available for review at any time, workers may be more motivated to stay on track.