12 Ways to Streamline Your Work Performance

Modernizing Document Management

Your organization likely deals with hundreds of documents each day. But it is becoming more and more apparent that most tools are not effective when it comes to document management. It can be difficult to find and incorporate into your environment, a tool that allows multi-user editing, like Share-Point from Microsoft which can speed up the editing process. Further, if you have a business management platform, that tool needs to integrate smoothly with the platform for ease of use. 

When assigning tasks, documents containing complete and concise instructions are necessary to ensure effective, timely and accurate work product. Some task management tools do not provide version control or true records management. If a substantial important edit is made to a document and you determine an edited section should not have been removed, it can be incredibly complicated to recover the old version, and sometimes not possible at all. Records management is also important to track which worker performs specific edits to a document in question.  

While many mainstream legacy tools do not allow for this, some con- temporary task management software tools do. When tasking multiple people to work on and then review a document, accomplishing this via email is difficult at best. Policy review on an enterprise level presents its own challenges. By selecting an enterprise platform that supports efficient document management along with task management you will be headed in the right direction. 

This can be especially true during document review and approval tasks. When managing these types of tasks, multiple users will need to review, edit, and provide disposition on the document throughout the lifecycle of the document review task. If there are multiple responsible parties that are tasked to write sections of the document and each section goes through a differing review cycle up to the point of finalizing the document and finalizing the document review. By using the right task management software, you can quickly route the work and re-work to the responsible parties and improve efficiency while decreasing errors.