Below are the questions we are asked most often about DTech Apps and the Tasker Suite of ServiceNow applications we offer. If you still have a question or need technical support, please contact us. 

How is DTech Apps related to Discover Technologies? 

DTech Apps is the ServiceNow-focused product arm of Discover Technologies.  

Do I have to have the ServiceNow platform to install the Tasker Suite applications? 

Yes, the Tasker Suite applications run on the ServiceNow platform. 

To deploy a Tasker Suite application, does each user need to also have a ServiceNow user license? 

No, Tasker Suite application users do not need to be ServiceNow users. This enables extending and leveraging your ServiceNow investment to all users in the enterprise very economically. Learn more about the Tasker Suite on the ServiceNow Store

How long is a typical Tasker Suite application implementation? 

Implementation time typically ranges from several weeks to a few months depending on the products being deployed, the technology environment, availability of key stakeholders, and organization complexity.

How do I get a demo? 

We offer Tasker Suite app demos upon request. Request a demo now. 

Are the Tasker Suite applications suitable for larger enterprises? What are the maximum number of users? 

Yes, the Tasker Suite applications are especially designed for larger organizations with many employees across a variety of organizational structures. There is no maximum number of users. We currently have clients with 5,000 users using our apps.  

Are the Tasker Suite applications ServiceNow certified? 

Yes, each of the Tasker Suite applications, Tasker, DocIntegrator, and DocGenerator, are ServiceNow certified. This means you can rest assured our apps maintain performance, stability and security of the ServiceNow platform. 

Are the Tasker Suite applications available in the ServiceNow App Store? 

Yes, please visit the ServiceNow App Store and simply search for the application you need – Tasker, DocIntegrator or DocGenerator. 

Do the Tasker Suite applications deploy on-premise or in the cloud? 

Yes, in fact the applications can even deploy in hybrid environments, for example where ServiceNow is on-premise and SharePoint is in the cloud. 

Can I purchase only one or two of the Tasker Suite applications or do I need to purchase all three together? 

Each Tasker Suite application can be purchased individually or together. Deploying two or more at the same time reduces implementation time and costs compared to separate implementations. 

How do I know if my organization is ready for a task management solution? 

The fact that you are on our website means your organization is likely ready to manage tasks the modern way with Tasker. But we offer this organization assessment tool to help you decide. Take the Assessment.

Are the Tasker Suite applications designed for Federal or Commercial enterprises? 

Each of the Tasker Suite applications were designed for both Federal and Commercial enterprises with built-in functionality and flexibility to configure exactly to your needs. Learn more about the industries we serve

How often are products updated typically? 

We typically release two major versions of our apps per year and a number of patch and minor releases. 

Do the Tasker Suite applications work on mobile and desktop? 

Currently each of the Tasker Suite applications works on desktop or laptop computers. The Tasker Version 2.6 application also works on mobile devices.  

What is a task? 

A task is a specific activity or action required to get work done. A task may be a formal request, order or directive such as official federal or agency correspondence, Congressional inquiry, or Freedom of Information Act requests. Sometimes tasks are informal requests made verbally, or most often, via instant messaging or email requests for such things as a status update, Board of Directors meeting prep, inventory audit,  document review/approval, or budget review. 

What is task management? 

From the individual employee who needs to manage their day to team and department managers, project managers, business unit and agency leaders all need to efficiently manage tasks to efficiently accomplish agency missions and meet business goals. Task management seeks to plan, coordinate and manage who does what tasks and when.  Learn more about Tasker. 

Does DocIntegrator work with other document management systems besides SharePoint? 

No, DocIntegrator is designed specifically to integrate SharePoint with the ServiceNow platform applications. Learn more about DocIntegrator.

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