Announcing Tasker Precognitive Edition – the Next-Gen in Task AI

1 APRIL 2022 – DTech Apps, the leader in secure apps for the ServiceNow platform, announced its next product release – Tasker Precognitive Edition. Featuring a revolutionary AI engine, Tasker “Precog” can create and assign tasks based on prior task assignments and insights into “what else” you or your team could or should be doing. This new edition replaces the traditional ServiceNow integrated interface with a conversational engine allowing for users to interact with Tasker without typing. The conversational engine is available in a variety of languages and dialects, but comes preinstalled with the angry voice of the user’s Mother and Father to help motivate staff to complete tasks on-time. When tasks are running behind or marked as late the interface launches “peer-pressure” mode in which the voices of teasing schoolyard children throw insults at the user until the task is complete.

“Businesses and agencies have been looking for a way to create tasks without having to think about them, and drive higher output from their staff.” said Rob “Nostradamus” Joy, Head of Product for DTech Apps, “This new conversational driven interface achieves that and so much more thanks to our new AI engine. It makes Siri and Alexa sound like idiots while still being Built on Now.”

Customers who need complete turnkey task and staff management can add-on the SkyNet package. Featuring the T1000 android, this package includes a 6′ 2″ motivational bot that ensures entire organizations complete tasks on time. Employees who fail to deliver will be terminated by the android for failure to comply. Employees who find the android intimidating but delivering tasks on time will engage the machine in “DNWIWNHY” Mode (“Do Not Worry I Will Not Hurt You”) in which the robot will go to extra lengths to protect the organization’s most productive and valuable employees (as determined by the AI).

For the mining and manufacturing industries DTech Apps is introducing Sevens, a new Microsoft Teams and ServiceNow chat connector “WWYW” interface (“Whistle While You Work”). Activated by whistling, this new interface can translate whistles blown at a variety of notes and pitches into full phrases so that messages can be communicated and captured faster and more efficiently than traditional conversations across various teams, levels of management, and woodland creatures.

Tasker Precognitive, the SkyNet package, and Sevens are available for a limited time beginning Friday, April 1 at 3:00 pm (ET) through Friday, April 1 at 3:01 pm (ET) at a list price of $1,000,000,000,000,000.

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