Webinar Replay – How to Enable Robust Document Management for ServiceNow Applications

How much productivity are you losing every day due to employees having to constantly switch screens and jump from application to application just to get their work done?  While there are varying studies that attempt to measure this productivity loss, in general, workers lose between 1 – 4 hours per day (depending on role). Regardless of where your workers fall in this range, the demand is high for more apps that promote a single-screen user experience to combat productivity loss.

On February 16, 2022, DTech Apps and partner Carahsoft delivered a webinar on the single screen experience for document management in ServiceNow apps with DocIntegrator. By leveraging DocIntegrator, users can securely access, review, collaborate, and digitally sign (e-sign) files without leaving ServiceNow. By streamlining this process, while leveraging ServiceNow’s native security, workers increase productivity at a lower cost than less robust alternatives. 

Learn more and watch the demo…

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