What Is DocIntegrator and How Can It Help Your Organization?

DocIntegrator is the leading enterprise document management application built on the ServiceNow platform. Why? Because DocIntegrator integrates access to Microsoft® SharePoint with any ServiceNow environment. DocIntegrator bridges the gap between ServiceNow and SharePoint. Users can create, edit, review, and digitally sign files and documents—including metadata—stored in SharePoint directly inside of Tasker and any ServiceNow workflow or solution, including any ServiceNow Workspace solution. All these features and functionalities can be executed in real-time without ever leaving ServiceNow or Tasker or going into the SharePoint application itself.

What’s new with DocIntegrator?

The newest version of DocIntegrator is here! DTech Apps’ team of software engineers developed DocIntegrator to address the limitations of ServiceNow’s SharePoint Spoke commonly used by organizations who work tirelessly to build robust enterprise solutions in ServiceNow. With this new release of DocIntegrator, ServiceNow customers and partners can leverage a fully optimized, turnkey integration between ServiceNow and Microsoft SharePoint without losing any of the security and document management features that make SharePoint so powerful. With DocIntegrator, users can work in one screen, access the files they need in SharePoint, and ensure document control while simultaneously maintaining SharePoint’s security and permissions, eliminating the need to make copies of files or work outside of the original documents.

The newest version of DocIntegrator is compatible with all release versions of ServiceNow, Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013/2016/2019, and Office 365 Online. DocIntegrator ships with Service Portal widgets that can be dropped on any Service Portal page supporting not only Tasker, but any ServiceNow global or scoped application. Client-side lists, upload, and search view widgets are available out-of-the-box. The client-side list view widget exposes SharePoint documents in place in SharePoint from ServiceNow. The upload widget allows users to add documents to the associated SharePoint library. The search widget allows users to search and associate documents to a specific item in ServiceNow (task, incident etc.) 

Backend Flow Integration is also built in and ready to use. This feature refers to ServiceNow’s flow designer actions that allow users to copy documents or links between ServiceNow and SharePoint, or different SharePoint libraries. These actions leverage the ServiceNow event queue to process the copying of documents or links in jobs. These jobs can be viewed and managed by administrators. Some configuration is needed but no coding is required. This new release is available on the ServiceNow App Store.

How can DocIntegrator help digitally transform your organization?

DocIntegrator is the cost-effective solution that saves time, enhances collaboration, and boosts productivity because it eliminates the need to manage documents between multiple applications.
You read it right the first time—DocIntegrator is an out-of-the-boxturnkey document management application. No coding is required!
DocIntegrator leverages Sharepoint’s native features of version control and document security helping protect PII and other confidential information, without having to download and upload new versions.
DocIntegrator integrates easily with Tasker. Users can search, view, and work on all documents related to a task and attach documents directly to tasks in Tasker while keeping the documents secure and safe in SharePoint.
Maintenance of SharePoint’s robust security permissions ensures only the right users can access libraries and content they have been given access to.
Like Tasker, you can deploy DocIntegrator via on-premise, hybrid, or cloud environments.

DocIntegrator and Microsoft Authentication Library (MSAL)

DocIntegrator leverages the Microsoft Authentication Library (MSAL) to streamline the login experience. MSAL enables developers to acquire tokens from the Microsoft identity platform to authenticate users and access secured web Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). MSAL eliminates the need for DocIntegrator users to login into SharePoint via additional pop-ups or browser windows. The result is a smooth, streamlined, single-pane experience for ServiceNow users, eliminating inefficient tab or browser window switching while still maintaining secure user access to the correct files and folders.

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